The Waggy Tails difference

These are some of the benefits of having me as your dog walker…

Your dog is not required to go in a vehicle at all, therefore:
Doesn’t have to endure being transported with many other dogs in close proximity
Won’t be in transportation for up to 2 hours (like some group walk dogs are)
Not exposed to the increased potential for spreading disease
Won’t be left unattended in vehicle whilst other dogs are picked up and dropped off
The walk is tailored specifically to your dogs abilities and interests
Your dog will receive dedicated one-to-one attention
I’m able to react to situations prioritising your dog over anyones else’s
We will go at your dogs pace, not having to keeping up with the pack
It will be comforting for your dog to be in it’s own local environment
I have far greater control of interactions compared to someone with multiple dogs
I’m adaptable to any event as I only have your dog to look after
There is no danger of incompatibility with your dog being forced in to a group
It’s ideal for those with poor mobility as it’s only what they can manage
I’m able to safely exercise aggressive dogs as I can control their interactions
I can take the time needed with timid or nervous dogs

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