My top 5 reasons to go solo

These are the most popular reasons clients have told me for specifically choosing an individual dog walker.

  1. They are uneasy about one person handling many dogs at a time, and feel a one-to-one walk, like they do themselves, is more appropriate.
  2. Flat-faced (brachycephalic) dogs have to be exercised carefully, far less strenuously than a ‘regular muzzle’ dog. This varies constantly and so they need every walk to be adaptable. I can provide that flexibility as I’m only exercising your dog.
  3. They have a dog who moves slowly, possibly sniffing everything in sight, and need someone who can take their time and allow the dog to go at its own pace. I’ve no need rush them because they don’t have to keep up with anyone else.
  4. They have a reactive dog and need someone who can be in one-to-one control of interactions, or avoiding them!
  5. They have a mischievous dog that requires a close eye being kept upon it. Impossible if you’re in charge of a group of dogs.

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