Dog walking - Essential for good physical and mental health

I offer dog walking individually, or only dogs from the same home; not large groups.

If your dog is friendly then I will always encourage socialisation and interaction with other dogs whilst out walking, and it won't be overwhelming or unruly; which large groups can often be. Ultimately interactions are however you know your dog to be comfortable with.

Walks can be on-lead, off-lead* or a mixture of both. Ideally, I'd like the dog(s) to have some of the time to run freely, as this really allows them to stretch their legs and tire out, but I understand that is not always possible with every dog. Again, it is whatever is required for your dog.

I have experience in walking both aggressive (dog to dog aggression & dog to people aggression) and timid dogs. Oh, and lots of nice ones too!

Typically, I walk from your home, around a route lasting the desired time, and back to your home. This takes in the familiar local area for your dogs, and often we see some of their little friends en-route.

Alfie & Duke both walking on leads Dougal walking on a lead
Basil & Ralph both off-lead laying on the grass with a ball Bruno & Darla both walking on leads
Willow off-lead laying on the grass with a ball Banjo & Barney standing on the grass
Ted off-lead on the grass Sam & Lily both off-lead sitting on the grass
Some of my dog walking client's dogs

Where possible I like to make my rounds on my push-bike as this is more environmentally friendly, reduces congestion in our town, and is great exercise for me! If I do have to use my vehicle, it is a plain car and it is not sign-written and has no advertising on it. Some of my clients are delighted to have such a discreet service, as this is both security and privacy for their home and their family.

You'll have peace of mind knowing that everything is in safe hands with me visiting your home and tending to your dog(s), as I'm honest and trustworthy, and have had many happy clients who have been happy to testify so.

I will always come and visit you and your dog at home, before agreeing to do any work for you. This allows us to discuss your requirements and ensure we are all happy before preceding any further.


Please contact me, using the details at top of page, to discuss your requirements.


*Off-lead requires the express consent of owners, and when I'm confident in the dogs' nature.