Dog pop-in visits - An adult dog should ideally not be left alone more than 4 hours at any one time

A pop-in visit for your dog(s) whilst you are out, so that they can to go to the toilet outside and have some company to break-up the time of your absence.

This is a very popular service for working people, as they no longer have to sacrifice their lunch break by rushing home to let the dog out and then rush back to work again.

Puppies should only be left alone for short time periods (one hour per month of age); and so their care needs will certainly be more demanding initially.

Paper laying on the carpet eating a treat Robbie standing on the carpet with a toy in his mouth
Clootie sitting on the wooden floor waiting for a treat Oakley chewing a toy laying on the wooden floor
Some of my pop-in visit client's dogs

Where possible I like to make my rounds on my bike as this is more environmentally friendly and reduces congestion in our town. If I do have to use my vehicle, it is a plain car and it is not sign-written and has no advertising on it. Many of my clients are delighted to have such a discreet service, as this is both security and privacy for their home and their family.

You'll have peace of mind knowing that everything is in safe hands with me visiting your home and tending to your dog(s), as I'm honest and trustworthy, and have many happy clients who have been happy to testify so.

I will always come and visit you and your dog at home, before agreeing to do any work for you. This allows us to discuss your requirements and ensure we are all happy before preceding any further.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements.